Proper Ways to Greet An Interviewer

Every part of your job search is a chance to make an impression on a hiring manager. While your resume and cover letter need to stand out from the crowd, you also need to ensure that you’re kept top of mind after an interview. That begins with your greeting. How do you greet an interviewer to show them that you mean business, want the job, and are respectful? Let’s take a closer look.   


Body Language  

The first step is to consider your body language. If you’re nervous, it’ll show. If you’re overconfident, it’ll also show. You want to demonstrate positive body movements and posture throughout the interview. Sit up straight and don’t cross your arms in front of your body. You can also use the mirroring technique. Subtly do what the interviewer does. For example, if they lean forward, you also lean forward.   


Verbal Language  

Of course, you also need to consider your verbal language. While body language can tell one story, your communication skills will tell another. For example, when they introduce themselves, say, “It’s great to meet you.” Mirroring is also an excellent technique for verbal communication. If they say, “How are you,” you also respond with, “how are you.”   



The handshake may be the most common greeting ritual. How you pull it off can say a lot about you before you ever get a chance to say a single word. Accept an interviewer’s hand when they offer it. Grip firmly but not too tight and shake once. Prolonged handshakes can be awkward. Try to keep your nerves to a minimum to avoid the limp and clammy handshake.   


Make Sure You Stand  

The other thing that most people don’t consider is standing when you’re approached. If you’re in the lobby and the interviewer comes out to get you, stand before they reach you, so you’re in a better position to shake their hand or follow. If you’re asked to wait in a conference room or office, stand when they enter the room.   


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Proper Ways to Greet An Interviewer
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