Using Keywords to Take Your Resume from Good to Great!

Your resume is the first impression you make on a potential employer. But before a hiring manager sees it, it will likely go through an applicant tracking system that uses a type of artificial intelligence to determine if your resume is a fit for the job. That’s why having the right keywords is the best way to ensure your information gets seen. So what are keywords, and how can they help you get an interview? Let’s take a closer look.

The Role of Applicant Tracking and AI

One of the biggest technological advances in recruiting is the use of artificial intelligence in applicant tracking systems. This smart software runs intuitive searches using algorithms that don’t get mired in unimportant details. That means, as an applicant, you need to put your effort into creating a resume that uses the strongest keywords to get the right hit and move to the next step of the process. 

Choosing the Right Keywords from the Job Description

When reviewing a job description, it’s important to match your background to the skills required. Keep in mind that a company often includes a wish list which means they know that not every candidate can have every skill. When reviewing the job description, try to match the skills that have provided you the most success in your career to focus on before applying.

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing

One thing to avoid, however, is keyword stuffing. This is when you try to pack all the possible keywords into your resume. We’ve even heard the awful advice of adding all the keywords you can think of at the end of the document and change the font color to white, so they are only seen by the ATS. It’s far more important that you use the right keywords, not to use all of them.

The Importance of Customization

You’ve probably heard the advice to customize your resume for each position. The reason for that is to utilize the same language used by the hiring company. Before sending a resume, match your experience up to the words used in the job description. Then add those into your resume in a natural way to help trigger the applicant tracking system.

A recruiter can help you tailor your resume and submit you to their open positions. Call FJC Personnel to see how we can help today.

Using Keywords to Take Your Resume from Good to Great!
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