Can You Reapply to a Company that You Quit?

People quit jobs for lots of reasons. Maybe you found another opportunity better suited for you. Or perhaps you didn’t get along with your manager or coworkers. Or you relocated to another city. But what happens if you come across an excellent opportunity with that same company in the future? Can you reapply for a company you gave your notice to in the past? Yes, you can, but you need to know how to navigate the situation to get the best results. Let’s take a closer look.   


Research the Contacts  

Do you know who is hiring for the position? If you haven’t worked with this person before, research them. Find out where they were before they joined your former company and what their background is. This way, you can connect with them directly and frame your reasons for wanting to return in a way they can relate.   


Reach Out to Your Connections  

Do you have former relationships or connections at the company? Reach out to them directly to ask them about the open position and who might be considering applications. If you speak with former colleagues who have a good impression of you, they’ll be more likely to put in a good word with the decision-maker.   


Write a Killer Cover Letter  

With any job, it’s your role to present yourself as the ideal candidate. Focus on crafting a cover letter that will make this very apparent. Be sure to talk about your work with the company in the past. And address the reasons you left but spin it to indicate the reason you’re ready to return.   


Focus on Your Company Knowledge  

What you can do is focus on your knowledge of the company and the fact that there will be a very small learning curve when you return. You know how the company operates, and you may still know several people within the organization. It will be easy to put you in the new position with a limited orientation time.   


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Can You Reapply to a Company that You Quit?
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