New Year’s Goal to Improve Your Finances?

The first of the year is a great time to make new goals. Some people focus on making their New Year’s resolutions, but you can create new goals at any time. However, this year, it may feel more critical than ever to take on a new perspective with 2021. How can you make new goals to improve your finances? Here are a few practical tips to get you started.  

Find a New Job 

If you became unemployed in 2020, January is a good time to reassess your job prospects and start hunting for your next position. Take time to update your resume, write cover letters that you can customize, and network online. Finding a job should be your primary objective so spend time every day working toward that goal.  

Take a Temporary Gig 

While you are looking for your next career move, consider accepting a temporary assignment. Working with a local recruiter can help you find jobs to bring in extra money and keep your skills fresh and resume updated. And you never know what temp jobs can lead to. They can be your opportunity to get a foot in the door.  

Consider a Side Hustle 

You may even want to make a little extra money on the side. There’s no reason not to, especially with all the technology available today. Many people today are turning their hobbies or top skills into side hustles. If you make crafts or knit or sew, you can sell your products online through platforms like Etsy. If you enjoy writing, consider offering your services as a freelance content creator. Many people do these in conjunction with their full-time jobs.

Work with a Staffing Agency  

How exactly can you take your job search to the next level? Along with your efforts, it’s helpful to seek the services of a professional. Recruiters who work with local staffing agencies have access to new jobs before the general public. They also know how to match skills and companies for the best fit. And if you accept a temporary position, it can open doors to further opportunities with that company. Or it could encourage the recruiter to place you again as they want to work with reliable, high-quality employees.   

Are you ready to kick your 2021 job search into high gear? Call FJC Personnel today to learn more.

New Year’s Goal to Improve Your Finances?
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