Do You Have the Necessary Skills to Be a Great Warehouse Associate?

Companies are always on the lookout for dedicated warehouse employees, though many people underestimate the difficulty – often assuming it is an easy job. General warehouse labor is an umbrella term that has many positions that fall within it. When considering what area of warehouse labor you are interested in applying for, consider the skills you may already have and how they can align to fit different titles.

When hiring employees – these are the top skills your potential employer is looking for:

General Labor Experience

General labor is a term generally used to describe any sort of physical work within a warehouse or manufacturing environment. This type of labor often requires manual physical labor which includes lifting and moving heavy items. It is important to note that safety equipment is generally provided depending on the task at hand.

General labor experience can also be gained from non-warehouse positions such as construction, landscaping, cleaning or more. If you want to work in a warehouse, you can leverage this experience to land the job by relating skills obtained in these fields to how they will help you progress in a warehouse environment.

Previous Warehouse Experience

Like many careers, previous experience places you above your competition lacking it almost immediately.

If you do not have previous warehouse experience, but are interested in a warehouse position, consider applying through a staffing agency instead of directly through an employer. A staffing recruiter can work to place you in a role that works with your current experience levels as well as build your resume to be able to advance in the warehouse career field.

Forklift Experience and License

Forklift operators are a necessity to warehouses productivity. If you have an opportunity to obtain a license in forklift operating, be sure to take it if you have a desire to advance in the warehouse field in the future. Licensing will vary depending on your location, but the general synopsis is it will begin with learning how to maneuver the equipment in a secure course.

Machinery will vary as every facility may need to fulfill different needs or general procedures. Be sure to be aware of safety precautions and remember not all forklifts are equal.

Shipping and Receiving

If you want to advance your warehouse career, shipping and receiving is a necessary building block. This can begin with basic warehouse jobs where you will learn how to process incoming and outgoing shipments. Many staffing agencies look to fulfill these positions, and often they have little requirements for previous experience.

Skills you will be able to develop include attention to detail and organization – things that are needed in nearly every career field and in your personal daily life.

Picking and Packing

You will be responsible for maintaining standards, selecting the right items, and documenting

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Do You Have the Necessary Skills to Be a Great Warehouse Associate?
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