Job Hunting During Covid: 5 Helpful Tips if You Lost Your Job

The past year saw an unprecedented number of layoffs, furloughs, and resignations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccination availability on the rise, and with unemployment benefits being reduced, you may be at a point to return to the workforce. Before the pandemic, finding a job hunting was a challenge. However, we have some helpful tips for job hunting during covid that could help streamline the process.

Prepare Yourself 

Job hunting during covid is all about your mindset. If you go in without an idea of what you want, it will show in the types of jobs you look for and how you apply for them. So, ask yourself questions such as:  

  • “What makes me feel the most motivated?”  
  • “What am I capable of doing, and doing well?”  

Consider your work history and make a list of all the skills you have acquired as well. 

Once you have answers to those questions, you’ve better prepared yourself for looking into job listings, of which there are now plenty. The job market is has reached record openings since before the pandemic. Narrowing your scope, even just a little bit, by asking yourself questions can give you a leg up when jumping back into the job hunt. 

Invest in and Explore your Network 

Any job seeker knows that networking is one of the most important parts of any job hunt. People are more willing to help than you might expect. Tell all your friends and your family that you are looking for a job that meets your needs – whatever they may be – and you’d be surprised how many will pass on job listings to you. 

If you lost your job, but have good connections with old co-workers, see what they know about the job market. They may have someone in their network who is hiring. Even if they don’t, old co-workers and supervisors make perfect references. Word of mouth is an effective tool to utilize while looking for a job. 

Take Time to Practice Interviews 

Interviews have changed in the last year. Some of them are still in person, but many businesses have adopted virtual or phone interviews. Regardless of the format, interviews do take practice and you need to be prepared for any outcome. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident when the time comes. 

A picture of two people sitting on opposite ends of a table. One person has paperwork and a pen, the other has his fingers laced together. Practicing your interview skills is recommended if you are unemployed and job hunting during covid.

Anyone can help you practice for an interview. Professional interview assistance is an option, but even just a family member or friend can help. Decide which way you want to practice and have a list of questions prepared for your helper to read off to you.  

Learn a New Skill 

While you are practicing interviews and exploring your network, it’s a good time to add to your skill set. Perhaps you have already been thinking about taking some trainings or have a talent for something that could be developed further. Taking on new skills will help diversify your resume and make it more appealing. 

These new skills could even help you get a position that may have been higher than your last one. It tells potential employers that you’re taking the initiative to go above and beyond to better yourself. 

Apply for Temporary Positions 

If possible, keeping your unemployment gap to a minimum will help you. While this past year saw many people enter unemployment, trying to find the next job in the same field became challenging. Taking on temporary positions will help minimize your unemployment gap. 

It doesn’t have to be in the field you were in before. If you’re the type of person who needs to constantly be working, then a temporary position might be your best course of action. FJC Personnel prides itself on getting people hired in temporary positions. We work with 10 local business in in the Austin metropolitan area, and all of them have pay ranges over minimum wage. 

Temporary roles are a perfect way to close the unemployment gap, but they are also gateway positions. If you do well and stay with the company or business long enough, it’s possible the role will evolve into a permanent one. There’s a wealth of benefits from taking on a temporary job. 

Job Hunting During Covid Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Losing a job isn’t easy for anyone. And losing your job from the pandemic has been harder. But job hunting during covid doesn’t have to be impossible. Look at it as an opportunity to perfect yourself as you start job hunting once more. There are many ways to use your time unemployed. 

Close your unemployment gap by taking on temporary roles. FJC Personnel is committed to helping job seekers find work in these tough times.  

Job Hunting During Covid: 5 Helpful Tips if You Lost Your Job

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