Invest In Your Employees: 8 Fun Team-Building Activities for The End of Summer

Teambuilding activities don’t have to make your entire team cringe. We know what most people think about ice breakers and other forced fun activities in an office environment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are eight fun teambuilding activities you can do before the end of summer to start the fall off right.  



Sometimes summer fun is as simple as a pot-luck or an office cookout. If you have space at your office, bring a grill and cook up some fun summer staples like burgers and hotdogs. Encourage your team to participate by bringing a dish to share. Connecting over a meal is always a great way to build community.  


Office Trivia 

Organize an office trivia event to learn how much people in your company know about your business or office culture. Play in teams and ask questions about things only people in your office would understand. Like “who makes the best coffee,” or “what does Jim always say when he answers the phone?”  


Scavenger Hunt 

Similarly, you can create a scavenger hunt. Create clues for things your team can find around the office or in your city. The easiest way to run a hunt like this today is with the use of smartphones. Each team has to take photos of the items on the list and email or text them. The team with the most items wins.  


Show and Tell 

Don’t you remember how much fun show and tell was when you were a kid? You loved being able to show off the things you were excited about and tell your story. Encourage your team to do this, too. Whatever it is they love; they can talk about. Give everyone five minutes and they can share their interests and get to know one another.  


Two Truths, One Lie 

Another fun game is to allow everyone to share two truths and a lie. Then everyone else has to guess which one is made up. This is another way for your team to get to know one another by sharing more about themselves but without encouraging uncomfortable situations, like trust falls. 


Pool Party  

Take your end-of-summer party off site and host a pool party. If you have a pool, or if someone on your team can volunteer their pool, host the party there. If not, book a weekend party at a resort. Your team works hard and deserves a summer party to blow off steam.  



Similarly, consider a campfire. You don’t even have to go camping to do this, but you can if you want to. The main point of this teambuilding exercise is to get people together in a comfortable atmosphere to tell stories and share about themselves.  


Escape Room  

Finally, get in on the latest rage. Escape rooms are popping up all over the country and there is likely one in your city, too. Generally, groups of about eight get together to solve puzzles to escape from a locked room. There are a variety of themes, from horror to simple puzzles, that will give your team a chance to work together for a common outcome.  


How can you invest in your team as summer comes to a close? Contact the team at FJC Personnel today to learn more.

Invest In Your Employees: 8 Fun Team-Building Activities for The End of Summer
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