Interview Tips

Interview Tips

An interview is your chance to sell your skills and abilities!

1)  Plan to ARRIVE 10 to 15 minutes EARLY.

2)  DRESS in a manner appropriate for the job.

3)  LEAVE your electronics, drinks, snacks and gum in your car.

4)  Come to the interview PREPARED. Along with your resume, bring a notebook, pens, extra copies of your resume, references, letters of recommendation etc..

5)    Be prepared to EMPHASIZE your strengths, willingness to work, flexibility and desire to contribute to your new employer.

6)    KNOW the job for which you are applying.  If you lack a particular skill, be prepared to overcome to convince the interviewer that you are capable and willing to learn the skill.

7)    BRING a list of your own questions to the interview. This will show initiative and demonstrate your interest in the job.

8)  LISTEN carefully. Think about your response, then give honest and direct answers. If you do not understand a question, ask the interviewer to repeat.

9)  Maintain EYE CONTACT.

10) ASK for the job. If you want the job, be sure to make it known that you are ready and available to fill the job opening.

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