How to Take Responsibility of Your Hearing in Noisy Work Environments

Working in a manufacturing environment has a number of potential hazards. Beyond the things you would typically consider, such as falls or dehydration, have you thought about how to protect your hearing in a noisy work environment? If the decibels are deafening in your workplace, it would be a good idea to take some steps to protect your hearing. Here are a few things you can do to make a difference.  


Wear Ear Protection at Work 

If you’re working around loud noises, you need industrial ear protection. This means the appropriate noisecancelling headphones for the work you’re doing. Depending on the volume in your workplace, you may need them to filter out more decibels.  

Avoid Loud Spaces When Possible 

When you’re not at work, try to avoid spaces with loud noises or high volumes. For example, you may want to avoid that rock concert to protect your hearing. Or, if you do attend, be sure to use other hearing protection described below.  

Pay Attention to Ear Health 

Many of us take advantage of our hearing and our ear health. But preventing hearing problems can be easier than you think. Start by keeping your ears clean in a safe way. Your ear will always produce some wax, but too much is also a problem. And when cleaning your ears, never put anything directly in the ear canal, like cotton swab. You can soften excess wax with a commercial product or even baby oil.  

If your ears are causing you discomfort and safe cleaning doesn’t work, talk to a doctor.  

Use Ear Plugs for Other Loud Spaces 

When not at work, use earplugs to help you avoid excess noise. This can be in airplanes or at concerts or even just to help you sleep. There are different kinds of ear plugs, so check out what might work for you.  

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

Your ear health and hearing is part of your larger, overall health. To maintain, you need to pay attention to your entire body and mind. Exercise, eat right and get enough sleep. This will help you maintain good ear health.  


Do you have more questions about workplace safety? FJC Personnel can help, so contact us today.

How to Take Responsibility of Your Hearing in Noisy Work Environments
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