How to Be a Transparent Manager Without Being Unprofessional

Something we hear a lot in the workplace is transparency. What does that mean in terms of your business and your employees? Being transparent with your internal team suggests that you’re letting everyone know about important financial and business decisions, but there’s more. It’s also about being open and honest with all aspects of your professional relationship. If you’re looking for ways you can lead with transparency, here are a few things you can start doing today.  


Provide Access to Information 

The most important part of transparency is to make all information accessible to all employees. That means all information as it pertains to the health of the company. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hold quarterly meetings or provide presentations for your employees to see the current numbers and information. Be open to questions as well.  


Know Your Why  

To be transparent, it’s also helpful to keep going back to your reasons why. Is this your company? Why did you start it? How has it grown from your initial vision? Who helped you along the way? Are you part of a management team of a larger organization? Why did you want to aspire to your current position? Knowing these things will help you remember why transparency is important.  


Involve People in Decision Making 

Transparency is also about who can help make decisions. When organizations make decisions from the top down and dictate how things are going to happen, it can cause dissatisfaction among employees. If, on the other hand, you allow employees to have input on new initiatives, that can create a sense of ownership that will reinforce your team’s “why” in terms of their employee experience.  


Address Difficult Situations 

Of course, all the positivity in the world won’t be able to solve a real crisis in the workplace. You must take difficult situations seriously and address them as soon as they’re brought to your attention. This will help keep the lines of communication open, and your employees will know that you have their backs when push comes to shove.  


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How to Be a Transparent Manager Without Being Unprofessional
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