How Much Time Does Hiring REALLY Take?

You have a hiring need, so you start the ball rolling to find the right candidate for your open position. But how long does that process actually take? The numbers are all over the map in terms of the length of time it’ll take you to source, interview and hire a qualified employee, but two months isn’t out of the question. What can you do about it as a hiring manager? Before you begin the process, there are some things you can do to ensure the time you take to hire will result in a valued team member. Keep these in mind.


Review Your Application Process

Your application process may be keeping good candidates from applying to your open positions. This means you’ll be interviewing more people to find the right fit for your organization, taking more time to fill the job.

Review your application process to determine if it includes too many unnecessary steps or hoops for applicants to jump through. You want to be sure the top candidates find your process accessible.


Don’t Wait on Top Candidates

If you do interview a superstar, don’t wait too long to make a decision. If they are your top candidate, they’re likely someone else’s, as well. If you drag your own feet in the hiring process, you may find you have to start over again from the beginning when your first choice accepts another offer.

Of course, there is a fine balance here, as well. You don’t want to make an on-the-spot hiring decision either, because it’s important to weigh all your options. But make sure you’re keeping your candidates in the loop on where you are with your decision.


Involve Others in the Interviews

For this reason, you should also have others in your company conduct interviews with your top candidates. Once you’ve narrowed down the field, have another supervisor, or even the co-workers who will be working day-to-day with this person, meet with them for a brief interview.

You want to get their impression, as well to ensure you’re hiring the best possible person for the team – not just for the job.


Make a Solid Offer

The last step to hiring your ideal candidate is to be prepared to make an offer that will encourage them to accept. Be competitive. Check out the average rates for similar jobs in your area to create a fair compensation package.

You also want to consider the extras you can offer. It might be more in terms of personal time off, flex time, or remote working options. Making a good offer will allow you to hire the candidate and not have to start over with your hiring process.

Do you want to shorten the time it takes to find your ideal candidate?

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How Much Time Does Hiring REALLY Take?
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