How Can You Cope With Work and Home Stress?

Let’s just address it upfront – things are weird right now. Really Weird. And most of us are just trying to get by and do the best we can. When COVID-19 forced your company to allow work to happen remotely, that didn’t suddenly reduce your stress levelsIt added to it. Now, you may be feeling overwhelmed by work and home responsibilities at the same time. We are no longer able to compartmentalize as we did before. How can you learn to deal with your stress in a healthy way? Here are a few ways to start.  

Recognize the Signs of Stress 

The most important thing is to know the signs of stress. We think we understand, but it can take on many forms. Some of the most common signs include: 

  • Irritability 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Loss of interest in work 
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Feeling fatigued 
  • Memory Problems 
  • Pessimism 

Some of these become compounded. For example, you may have trouble sleeping at night but feel excessively tired during the day. The frustration and helplessness you feel can make the whole experience worse. Even continually focusing on the negative can be a sign of stress.  

Communicate with Everyone 

We all have this idea that we have to deal with stress alone. But that is the opposite of what can help alleviate stressful situations. When you’re working from home, especially, you need to communicate with your team and managers from work as well as your partner or children. And you need to be honest. What you may find is that other people are feeling the same stress, and it can help to discuss it. 

Identify the Things You Can Control 

The hardest part right now with the global pandemic is that we feel like everything is out of our control. In truth, a lot of things are. We can’t control the rate of infection, but we can control or limit our exposure to the virus. That’s true for everything. If things you can’t control are making you feel stress, look for some of the things you can change and improve.  

Ask for Help 

You never need to do this alone. Aside from talking with the people in your life about your stress, you can also seek help. It’s never been easier to get help for stress. Therapy resources have gone virtual, and many are offering affordable plans to help you talk through your feelings. If face to face interaction or video calls make you feel more anxious, there are even text-based avenues to ask for help.  

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How Can You Cope With Work and Home Stress?
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