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Job Hunting During Covid: 5 Helpful Tips if You Lost Your Job

The past year saw an unprecedented number of layoffs, furloughs, and resignations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccination availability on the rise, and with unemployment benefits being reduced, you may be at a point to return to the workforce. Before the pandemic, finding a job hunting was a challenge. However, we have some helpful tips for job hunting during […]

National Safety Month: 3 Tips to Keep Yourself and Others Safe at Work

For the last 25 years, June has been National Safety Month, an initiative started by the National Safety Council. This is an effort to enforce safety standards and reduce workplace related injuries and fatalities. Not only for employers, but it also reminds workers they have the power to keep their workplace safe.  In honor of National Safety Month, we’d like to take time to remind […]

Do You Have the Necessary Skills to Be a Great Warehouse Associate?

Companies are always on the lookout for dedicated warehouse employees, though many people underestimate the difficulty – often assuming it is an easy job. General warehouse labor is an umbrella term that has many positions that fall within it. When considering what area of warehouse labor you are interested in applying for, consider the skills […]

Using Keywords to Take Your Resume from Good to Great!

Your resume is the first impression you make on a potential employer. But before a hiring manager sees it, it will likely go through an applicant tracking system that uses a type of artificial intelligence to determine if your resume is a fit for the job. That’s why having the right keywords is the best […]

What is the Secret for People Always Getting Job Offers?

It’s hard not to feel jealous sometimes. You talk to people who can simply apply for their dream job and immediately get an offer, but you’re still sending in your resume to post after post. What makes them any different from you? Some people just seem to have better luck or an easier time landing […]

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