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Employee Retention Strategies: How to Keep Your Employees Longer

In an ideal world, every business would keep their employee retention rates at one hundred percent. It’s a great goal to have, but the reality is not every employee wants to stay in one place forever. While a business cannot prevent employee turnover, what is in their power is the ability to keep employee retention […]

Writing Tone & How to Correctly Communicate Intentions with Employees

A crucial aspect of leadership comes in the form of being able to effectively communicate. Whether it be through a messaging app such as Slack, or just email, your writing tone should be considered when corresponding with your employees. Though tone is subjective and relies on the reader, there are some strategies and practices employers can […]

4 Best Practices for Onboarding your Temporary Employee to a Permanent Role

When companies need temporary employees to fill a role, sometimes that employee can perform well enough to land a permanent role. However, it’s important for the company to take time to properly onboard their new hire, even if the new hire is familiar with the company. Onboarding is so much more than just a first day orientation […]

How to Decipher if Your Candidate is a Critical Thinker

You know, as an employer, that soft skills are a big part of what makes an employee successful. Among the most important are things such as communication skills, the ability to organize, and critical thinking. But what is critical thinking, and how exactly do you measure if someone is a critical thinker. Here are a […]

New Manager Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s okay to admit that you need a little extra help when you’re in a management position the first time. Mistakes happen, but you can also learn from others so you can avoid some of the more common problems. What are some of the mistakes people make when they become new managers, and how can […]

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