5 Tips to Make a Great Apprentice

Could an apprenticeship be right for the next stage of your professional development? For many skilled trades, apprenticeships are the best way to gain real experience on the job. If you want to make a fantastic impression, here are a few qualities that employers look for when they’re hiring apprentices for their open positions.  

Eagerness to Learn 

The single most valuable skill a potential apprentice brings to the table is the eagerness to learn. Employers will understand that someone in an apprenticeship program doesn’t bring a lot of experience to the job, but they will have the basics provided by their education and simply be willing to learn as they go. That eagerness will be invaluable.  

Positive and Polite Attitude 

Know that part of your apprenticeship will be about your attitude. Willingness to learn is just a portion of the picture; your positive attitude will help you gain more insights. Not only that but be polite. You’ll likely be customerfacing and, even when you’re not, you will be working with a trained and skilled professional. Your attitude toward them will help you learn as much as possible.  

 Strong Work Ethic 

Working hard is the name of the game with any sort of skilled trades. Be willing to do whatever is asked so you can learn how the entire job fits together. Plumbing, or any sort of skilled trade, relies on professionalism and hard physical work. Your employer needs to see that you’re committed to the learning process.  

Always on Time 

The biggest mistake young professionals make is not arriving at the job site on time. The start time is not negotiable. Always be on time to make the best possible impression on your employer as well as customers, whether residential or business. Timeliness is critical for developing a strong work ethic.  

Digital Literacy 

Skilled trades are now firmly rooted in the year 2020. While it may seem like plumbing and similar skills are intended to be handson, someone interested in an apprenticeship must understand how to use technology. Digital literacy, such as the use of online media or digital tools to access information and interact with customers, is invaluable.  

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5 Tips to Make a Great Apprentice
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