4 Tips that Command Trust & Respect in an Interview

After you send your resume and get a call back to schedule an interview, you must work hard to make the next impression. The interview is your chance to demonstrate how you’re the best possible candidate for their open position. You want to command trust and respect in the interview along with building a good rapport and showcasing your related experience. Here are 4 tips that can give you an edge.   


Practice Your Handshake  

A handshake is pretty standard, right? Well, you know it’s not. You’ve experienced everything from cold and clammy to limp or firm through the course of your career. But a perfect handshake is exactly that: perfect. It’s helpful to practice your handshake when you can. Be sure to grip well, not take too long, and try to calm your nerves enough to avoid sweaty palms.   


Dress Appropriately   

Conventional wisdom suggests a suit is most appropriate for an interview. This is true for both men and women, and it’s generally good advice. In most interview situations, a suit will be your best bet. But there are times when dressing appropriately is not a suit. For example, if your interviewer tells you to dress casually, pay attention. They may be testing you. But, of course, always err on the side of more professional.   


Show Up Early  

Arriving late to an interview is almost always a red flag for employers. Even showing up exactly on time can be a concern. You want to arrive early, but not too early. About 10 to 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled meeting will be perfect for most employers. It’ll also give you a chance to think about the interview and calm your nerves before you go into the meeting. And trust us, the first people you encounter when you arrive will be providing their impressions to the hiring manager as well.   


Prepare Ahead of Time  

Long before any of this, however, be sure you’re fully prepared for the interview. And by prepared we mean reviewing your resume, practicing some answers, researching the company online, and taking another look at the job description. Not knowing what the company does or stumbling over your own experience will not leave them with a good impression. 


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4 Tips that Command Trust & Respect in an Interview
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