The Value of Upholding a Safe Workplace

Your employees, whether in an industrial or office environment, deserve a safe workplace. But it’s more than just that. The value of a safe workplace benefits you as an employer just as much as it impacts your employees’ wellbeing and productivity. Let’s take a look at the accidents that happen each year due to inadequate safety and how a good safety program can pay.

Common Accidents in the Workplace  

Hazards exist in every workplace, but there are common accidents in the workplace. They include:   

  • Slip and fall  
  • Repetitive motion strain  
  • Cuts and lacerations  
  • Fire or electrical hazards  

Depending on your specific environment, some of these may occur more than others. Prevention and education will be an essential aspect of reducing injuries.   

The Positive Impact on Workers  

Merely having a focus on safety and creating processes to avoid significant hazards will positively affect your staff. Why? Because they know that the company cares about their wellbeing. Injuries at major magnitudes can also cause increased health problems, anxiety, or other mental health concerns, and impact their relationships outside of work.   

Cost Savings for Employers  

A facility that values safety will also see less absenteeism or turnover. This will positively impact production, which affects the bottom line. According to OSHA, a safety and health management system in place can reduce costs related to injuries or illnesses by 20% to 40%. So spending money on a safety program will pay back in time.   

An Ounce of Prevention   

Knowing the most common hazards is an essential part of creating programs that focus on prevention. Safety programs improve workplace aspects, such as:   

  • Employee satisfaction  
  • Increased productivity   
  • Employee retention   
  • Positive community reputation   

How can you improve your commitment to safety today? Call FJC Personnel now.   

The Value of Upholding a Safe Workplace
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