It’s a familiar scene. You see a job posting and know you can check a lot of the boxes, but not quite all of them. You’re underqualified, but it would be a perfect job for you, and you know you can learn. So how do you communicate that to the company? It starts with a great application, so they pick up the phone and call you. Here’s how you can encourage a company to take a chance on you.   


Focus on Your Accomplishments  

Just because you haven’t done exactly what they’re looking for doesn’t mean you’ve done nothing of value. Look at your career accomplishments and focus on those. Concentrating on accomplishments will also demonstrate to them that you have the potential and capacity to learn. Retool your resume to focus on your accomplishments rather than just the skills you bring to the table.   


Use Examples of Your Dedication   

Sometimes, the dedication of an employee will make a lot more of an impact than checking off the specific skills from a list. They want someone who wants to work with them and wants to be there. If you show them how you’re dedicated, that you are interested in learning, and engaged with what they do, they will be able to see your potential.   


Switch Focus from What You Can’t Do  

Sometimes, we let self-defeating behavior get the best of us. You look at a job description and immediately go to the things you can’t do. But what about the things you can? A job is never one dimensional. There are always multiple things that an employer seeks. Which aspects of the job should you focus on as you apply?   


Share What Sets You Apart  

Finally, you want to make sure you’re differentiating yourself from your potential competition. What can you do those other candidates, possibly even more qualified candidates, can’t do? Do you have more flexibility? How fast do you learn? Is it possible that you don’t have bad habits that they’ll have to break to get you to perform at their standards?   


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