With movies like the Avengers franchise and Wonder Woman breaking out of genre entertainment and into the mainstream, all of us watch these superheroes onscreen and think about a fantasy world where we would all have their confidence. And it’s quite possible to have the same hero-level confidence without putting on a super suit. There is a one-minute trick, called a power pose, that can help build your confidence before walking into your next interview. If you want to give it a try, follow this quick tutorial.

Focus on your breathing.

Cultures for generations have known that even, focused breathing flips an essential switch in our brain. Even today’s advanced mental health industry encourages those suffering from anxiety to pay special attention to their breathing to regain a normal sense of calm. Before you go into your interview, take some moments to breathe evenly.

Repeat a mantra.

Mantras, also called affirmations, have also been a staple of meditative practices and can help you when focusing on your breathing. In the case of an interview, it helps to have something empowering to say to yourself before walking into the meeting. Some great affirmations before an interview include, “I am calm, I am confident, I’ve got this,” or “I am perfect for this position.”

Take a moment to compose yourself.

Okay, now that you’ve focused on your breathing and said your mantras out loud or in your head, it’s time to get ready to walk in the building. Remember, employers are looking for positivity and confidence, but they will recoil at the sight of arrogance, so don’t take your motivation a step too far. For a moment, stand with your back straight and hands on your hips to allow yourself to feel more confident. This is your power pose.

Use strong body language.

Your mission doesn’t end when you sit across from your interviewer. Confidence is as much about the way you communicate with someone else as it is about preparing ahead of time. In the interview itself, make sure you continue to use strong, but not intimidating, body language. Your composure will communicate your power pose to the employer.

Are you prepared for your next job interview?

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