The Fastest Way to Find a New Job in 2019

A new year is always full of hopes and promises. And for many people, a resolution to find a new job is at the top of the list. You may have experienced a period of unemployment or maybe you feel unfulfilled in your current position. Whatever the reason, the faster you can build momentum, the easier it will be to find a new position in 2019. Here are some tips to help you get started on the right foot and find a great job this year.


Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Good advice is to constantly update your resume to ensure it’s ready to go when you find yourself looking for a job. One way to do this is to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. It becomes your living resume and you can pull details from it when your memory might be lacking.

Your resume is your first line of communication with employers, so make sure it is reflective of what you do. Research formats, such as functional or chronological, to better suit your background and experience.


Consider What You Want

Of course, a resume won’t help if you don’t have a plan of action. Some job seekers will approach a job search by applying to anything they see and hoping for the best. But this won’t get you the best job for your career path.

Sit down and make two lists. One should be of your interests and what you want out of a career. The other should be your skills. Once you have them, look for commonalities. That is where you can intersect and make a plan to find the right job.


Use Resources to Educate Yourself

Yes, you can go back to school. That is absolutely a valid choice if you need continuing education to end up in the career you want. But you may also want to look at more unconventional resources to help you move forward in your career.

Take classes online. Read books on your industry or general self-improvement. Try something new. Learn a language. Any of these things can help you find career fulfillment and help you land your next job opportunity.


Dedicate Your Time

You’ve probably heard it before. You need to make your job search a full-time job. This is still generally good advice. While you’re looking for a job, you should be systematic about how you approach your time. Get up in the morning and get ready like you would for any workday.

Then, sit down at your computer and make your plan for the day. Challenge yourself to apply for three to five relevant jobs. Make a list of individuals you can connect with on LinkedIn. Use the afternoon for setting appointments. And be sure to add in a break or two throughout the day There is a lot of flexibility in how you create your schedule, but it should have some consistency.


Tap Into Your Network

Networking is still a key aspect of finding a job. And while you’re looking for a new job this year, it’s more essential than ever. Challenge yourself to go to one networking event a month or a week. Try to set up coffee or a phone call with at least one contact.

You should also mention your job search to everyone you meet. You never know if you could find a new opportunity in line at the bank or in the coffee shop.


Contact a Recruiter

You should also connect with a local recruiter. Staffing agencies are dedicated to matching qualified candidates with open positions. They could help with short-term work while you continue to look as well as a long-term position that will be a good match for your career.


Are you ready to update your job search for 2019?

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The Fastest Way to Find a New Job in 2019
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