Reyna Ventura

Service Director

Reyna Ventura – Branch Manager

Reyna is a life-long LA native, but in January 2020 she found herself land in Austin, TX. Before being the Branch Manager at FJC and assisting our clients – she WAS the client when she worked in the human resources industry. She recognizes the client’s expectations after serving both sides, and fully understands that the client only wants the best people working with them, who wouldn’t? In Reyna’s spare time, she enjoys crafting, which is a broad blanket for the many hobbies she has. She journals, sketches, as well as makes bracelets and other jewelry. Her choice TV channels are anything involving the news or crime shows. Due to the pandemic, she has not had the chance to volunteer in Texas yet, but regularly participated in LA by packing care packages and writing letters for the troops, visiting the elderly, and even volunteering at the annual AVON Breast Cancer Run. Her partner in crime is her 11 year old Boston terrier, whom she states is her “pride and joy”. Tacos and pozole are the foods that Reyna holds most dear, and because of that, her life motto is: “I go to the gym so I can eat what I want”. She is a huge fan of cold weather and is quite interested on how her first Fall/Winter will be in Texas. The best piece of advice she has ever been given is to never forget the first interaction with an employee OR client, it is what will set the tone and build a good rapport with them.


Favorite quote:

“When I get to work, I first hide. Because a good worker is hard to find.” – Unknown

    Reyna Ventura
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