Faith Fuentes

Social Media Specialist

Faith Fuentes – Social Media Specialist

After growing up in historical Virginia, Faith took off to Texas after graduating from high school to attend Texas State University in San Marcos. Her college career included a year working for a Crocs shoe outlet, so if you have any questions about the shoes, she’s your girl.  Now, as a recent graduate holding a B.S in Digital Media Innovation, she spends her time engulfed in the world of social media, for both work and personal topics. As the social media specialist, Faith works to learn about how the world functions through these online platforms and works to connect with people through FJC’s online mediums both on a professional and humanistic level.

A piece of advice given to her weeks after starting college, was to be un-apologetically “you” and standing out is what gets you far. She is a proud “fur-mom” to two miniature schnauzers named Hunter and Willie, two newly adopted kittens, Zubbie and Miso, and also a dwarf hamster named Leif. When unplugged, Faith seeks out adventures, even if they are as small as going to Target to roam around.


Favorite quote:

“Early worm gets the worm” – Michael Scott (The Office)

    Faith Fuentes
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