What is an Employer Brand and Why is It Important?

Over the last few years, “branding” has become a big buzzword in business. What does employer branding mean exactly? It’s part of your marketing strategy, but not specifically about finding new customers. Employer branding helps target and attract top talent to become an integral part of your organization moving forward. Candidates today do a lot of research before accepting a new job, and if they find concerning details in your company’s reputation regarding former employees, they’re likely to pass. Here’s how and why your employer brand counts.

Attract Personalities that Fit Together

Personality fit in your organization is as important as the skills match for the job. If someone has a perfect background, they still have to be a good match for the company as a whole. This means making sure you have a company culture that makes everyone feel comfortable and excited about coming to work.

For example, Google’s employer brand attracts top tech talent who want to contribute to the global brand. Similar branding can be done in any size company to give job seekers a positive view of what it would mean to work for you.

Value Beyond Money

Money is a motivator, but we’re learning it isn’t all an employee wants when they accept a job. And often, if an employee accepts an offer based solely on the money, they’re likely to leave when another offer comes their way. What you want to do is create an employer brand that goes beyond earning potential and encompasses the entire employee experience.

Building a good brand is the first step to encourage team loyalty. Again, we can look at Google as an example. Internships often turn into job offers, and employees are drawn to work for an organization that offers much more than competitive salaries.

Showcase Company Culture for Retention

Retention is the goal when hiring new employees. But to draw them in and get them excited, you need to focus on your company culture, reputation, and inclusivity. When employees are happy and engaged, they don’t look for other opportunities.

You want to create a culture where the grass is not greener on the other side. These satisfied employees will become your brand ambassadors, and their positive experiences will inform new hires about what it’s like to work for your company.

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What is an Employer Brand and Why is It Important?
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