Safety First: Avoid a Complacent Attitude

Safety first, right? It’s essential working in any environment, but especially industrial or warehouse jobs, that safety is always a top consideration. But what happens when you (an experienced employee) begin to become complacent and cut corners on safety? Taking shortcuts and not following safety procedures can be risky, so you need to demonstrate how you will be conscientious of safety when applying for a new job. Here’s how.  


Ensure Compliance 

When applying or starting a new job, you want to communicate that you will remain compliant with their safety procedures. Take time to learn what you need to know, on your own if possible, and let your new employer know how important safety compliance is to you on the job. This will go a long way to demonstrating that just because you have a lot of experience, you’re not going to be complacent with safety.  



Half the battle when it comes to safety is communication. When we don’t know hazards exist, it’s easy to forget and move on without considering them. But that can get a person or a team into a lot of trouble. Let your employer know that you are always diligent and will always communicate about safety concerns and not let things slide.  


Do as You Say 

If you want to walk the talk for safety in the workplace, be sure that you don’t cut corners. It’s not enough to say that you take safety seriously on the job; you have to demonstrate it continuously. Always do what you say you will when you make promises to management. Let them know that safety will continue to be a priority for you.  


Share Success Stories 

You can impress a future employer about all of this right in the interview by sharing your success stories. We connect through stories, so when an interviewer asks about your commitment to safety on the job, don’t just tell them you’re committed. Talk to them about a time when you had to face a safety challenge on the job and how your actions improved the situation.  


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Safety First: Avoid a Complacent Attitude
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