Is Your Company Prepared for the Top Hiring Month of the Year?

January 2021 will hopefully usher in a new era. After a stressful year in 2020, companies are looking to refocus their production and hiring goals for the New Year. So how can you make sure you are hiring the top talent during the biggest hiring month of the year? Here are a few things you should consider this month and throughout the year.  

Remote Worker Success 

With remote work the new normal for a while, companies should invest their resources to ensure employee success while working from home. That might mean refocusing the search for top talent outside of the normal channels. It can also mean, in the long term, you can consider individuals who do not live in your community but are experienced at contributing to remote teams.  

Remote Hiring Process 

For that reason, it’s essential to build a remote hiring process. To maintain safety and ensure that candidates feel prepared for the next steps, create a system to make remote hiring easy. Include things such as:  

  • Online applications that are optimized for mobile devices 
  • Information about and access to video conference interviews 
  • Remote paperwork completion processes that use e-signatures 

Long Term Goal Evaluation 

Now more than ever, your company should have a staffing plan and clear goals. As we recover from the struggles of 2020, write down your expectations for new hiring throughout the year. It can include skills you want to add to your existing team, considerations for increased productivity, and plans for any unexpected turn over you may experience.  

In Partnership with FJC Personnel  

Establishing a relationship with a staffing partner will be the most efficient way to increase your hiring success. And doing so before you have a desperate hiring need will provide a better foundation for the future. Talk to a staffing agency about your plans, and they can help you create goals and benchmarks to achieve as you do business together.  

Are you ready to hire top talent in 2021? Call FJC Personnel today.  

Is Your Company Prepared for the Top Hiring Month of the Year?
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