As the economy recovers from the recession of nearly a decade ago, Americans without a four-year college degree are still struggling to find jobs. According to NPR’s New Boom Series, “The unemployment rate is nearly twice as high for Americans with a high school diploma as those with a four-year college degree”!

However, that doesn’t mean America’s millennials must run out and enroll into school tomorrow – or take on massive amounts of tuition debt. In fact, millions of great paying jobs are available in trade work!


Chris Arnold/NPR, Economists Say Millennials Should Consider Careers in Trades

Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, reports that those who pursue niche trades make on average $5,000 a year more than the average college graduate – with significantly less to no debt at all! Carnevale also notes:

“The baby-boom workers are retiring and leaving lots of openings for millennials… There are 600,000 jobs for electricians in the country today, and about half of those will open up over the next decade.”

With so many Baby Boomers retiring from trade work, the United States’ job market has big shoes – or work boots – to fill!  Have you considered securing your place in tomorrow’s workforce by pursuing a trade? If so, check out FJC Personnel’s job listings today where many opportunities in carpentry, welding, tech, operations and general labor are waiting for you!