Tips for Managing Time-Off Requests Around the Holidays

There has been so much uncertainly in 2020. Many businesses have turned to remote work arrangements. Those that haven’t been working remotely are working with smaller groups of coworkers and remaining socially distanced. It’s thrown a wrench into the inner workings of any corporate culture. For that reason, time off requests around the holidays are going to impact the workflow more than ever. So how do you manage time-off requests around the holidays this year?

Handle Requests

Your company should have a vacation request policy in place. This makes the system fair for everyone as long as all of your employees are expected to follow the same process. Some companies formalize this through their company software with a specific function for requesting time off. Others ask that an email be sent to a direct manager for approval with a specified amount of notice.

Manage Being Understaffed

The biggest challenge for most businesses is ensuring there is enough coverage in the department. And your needs as a business will depend on exactly the employee’s role. Some jobs can wait until someone returns. Others will require additional coverage or someone else to take on those duties during that time. You should establish policies for every position to ensure the work is always completed on time.

Focus on Work/Life Balance

One crucial aspect to consider when employees ask for time off is how your business affects their work/life balance. More employees are now basing their overall career satisfaction in having a good balance between their personal life and career. Your company’s vacation policy should make your employees feel comfortable with being away from the office without fear of losing their jobs or being replaced.

Consider Remote Workers

With the transition to Work From Home arrangements for many companies, the expectations for worker productivity have changed. The problem is, we may be shifting into dangerous territory where we expect employees to work every day because they have access to their work away from the office. But people need time off to recharge. It’s good for their wellbeing as well as productivity. Don’t treat remote workers differently than you would your in-house staff.

Utilize Temp and Seasonal Workers

One great solution for holiday and vacation coverage is to partner with a staffing agency to help with temporary workers. Temp and seasonal workers can help out in any capacity, from covering for an administrative assistant out of the office for two weeks to additional help during the seasonal rush. Forming a relationship with a staffing partner can help you stay on track when someone is out of the office.

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Tips for Managing Time-Off Requests Around the Holidays
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