Make Sure You Do These 6 Things Before Your Next Interview

You’re getting ready for your next interview. You know you need to brush up on your answers, dress to impress and investigate the company’s history. But are there little steps you might be missing? The tiniest details could make or break your ability to get a job offer, so how should you prepare before your next interview. Here are six things to do before your meeting.

  1. Print your resume.

    Don’t assume the hiring manager will have a copy of your resume. Bring a copy, or several copies, with you. It helps to have more than one in case you end up meeting another manager while you’re there. If you don’t have access to a home printer, head to a print shop the day before your appointment.

  2. Get directions.

    Make sure you know where you’re going. If you can, do a test drive in the days before your interview. Try to make the drive during morning or afternoon traffic as well to see what your commute would be if you take the job.

  3. Iron your clothes.

    You need to dress to impress, but you also need to make sure you don’t cut corners. The day before your interview, determine your outfit and inspect it for damage or wrinkles. Iron your clothes and hang them somewhere where they won’t be exposed to pet hair or become wrinkled.

  4. Wake up early.

    No matter what time of day your interview is, get up early and go through a normal routine. Whatever it is you would do on a regular workday, do it. Get up, get a shower, make breakfast and watch the local news. Before you leave for your interview, make sure you have your resume and do some additional research on the company to refresh your information.

  5. Clean your car.

    You may be surprised, but employers will make judgments on every aspect of you. If they happen to walk past your car in the parking lot and see that it’s piled with junk, they may determine you’re not an organized person and not consider you for the job. Take some time to clean out your car and get it washed.

  6. Don’t be late.

    If that means you must leave early for your appointment and bring something to read while you wait, do it. If you are, going to be late, call as soon as you know and give an estimated arrival time.

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Make Sure You Do These 6 Things Before Your Next Interview
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