No one particularly likes meetings. And yet, meetings seem to prevail in the modern workplace. So what can you do to make sure everyone actually enjoys these discussions and they bolster productivity, rather than inhibit it? There are a few simple tricks that can get your team onboard and make your meetings more effective overall. Here are just a few things to try today.

  1. Skip the meeting room.

    Do you have a meeting room with a big table and chairs all around it? That’s where most meetings take place. But by blowing up the processes and making the meeting happen in a more unexpected venue, you can actually engage people more. Go outside if it’s sunny. Hold it in the breakroom. Be creative!

  2. Start on time.

    So often, managers will give people about five or 10 minutes to arrive after the stated start time. This sounds like it is allowing everyone to participate, but it’s only sowing the seeds of discontent in your team. It gives people permission to be late, which can frustrate the employees who have already arrived and are cooling their jets. Instead, always start the meeting on time and don’t recap anything when people come in. This will train everyone to be on time in the future.

  3. End on time.

    The same is true for ending the meeting. Stick to your agenda, cover the essential things, and keep questions and answers short. When a meeting goes late, it’s usually because it’s been sidetracked along the way. But structuring the entire meeting to allow for everyone to get back to work is the best way to get them to engage and stay on track. Be available for more questions outside of the meeting to keep things focused.

  4. Keep it short and sweet.

    Having a start and end time is a good first step, but the middle is what matters. There is no two-hour-long meeting in the history of business that has ever been truly effective. If the conversation loses focus, there is no meeting length that can keep things positive. You want people to focus on the content of the meeting, not thinking about everything else they have to do. Keep it short, address the topic, and call it a day.

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