Don’t Put Your Job Search on Hold During the Holidays

It’s a common misconception that companies don’t hire in the winter or near the holidays. It simply isn’t true, and if you put your job search on hold this time of year, you could be missing out on some pretty big opportunities. The holiday hiring freeze is just a myth, but the talent pool does tend to decline. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t halt your search and what you can do to be proactive.  

Management is More Available 

Production may be slower during the holiday season for some industries, but that also means managers are more available. They can truly dedicate the time to finding top talent, which can be a lengthy process. They will be more open to talking with candidates and considering the perfect fit rather than rushing forward.  

Charitable Feelings of the Season 

It’s also been demonstrated that people feel much more charitable during the holiday season. For example, about half of all non-profits receive 25% more donations between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This means that hiring managers may also be in a giving mood and more open to negotiations with new employees during this time.  

Talk to Everyone 

You also never know when an opportunity can happen. During the holidays, talk to everyone. While 2020 may look different than normal years, we would typically advise you to chat with strangers or family members to let them know you’re looking for a new job. Someone may be able to point you in the right direction.  

Work on Your Elevator Pitch 

However, for those moments where you want to tell someone what you do in a nutshell, it’s helpful to practice. Create what’s known as an elevator pitch. If you were in an elevator and had only 30 seconds to pitch yourself to a hiring manager, what would you tell them to pique their interest and want to learn more?  

Show Your Interest 

You also have to show interest in what others are saying. This is true when you connect with your network as well as when you talk to a potential employer. You don’t want a hiring manager to think you’re not serious about starting a new job during the holidays, which is a roadblock many companies come across. This can give you an advantage.  

Follow Up 

After you connect with someone or talk with a company that’s hiring:

  1. Don’t be afraid to follow up.
  2. In a traditional interview situation, ask them specifically about whey they might make a decision.
  3. Use that information to get in touch closer to that time to make sure you stay top of mind.

But don’t overdo it, either. A little follow up goes a long way.  

Do you need to kickstart your holiday job search? Call FJC Personnel today.  

Don’t Put Your Job Search on Hold During the Holidays
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