4 Steps to Have an Interview that Will Get You the Job

How do you land a job? It may start with a strong resume and cover letter, but the next step to nail is the interview. Interviews can feel intimidating, but they don’t have to be that way. Planning will give you a chance to determine what works and what doesn’t and put your best foot forward in the interview. Here are a few things you can do to showcase that you’re a professional and make the right impression.

  1. Research
    Preparation is the key to success. After you’re invited to interview, start researching the company. You can’t walk into the interview, not knowing anything about the job or the organization. Information is easy to find online through websites, social media like LinkedIn, and news sources. Preparation will also help you prepare for step three down the list. Part of your research should also include figuring out the directions to the office, so you arrive on time and determining the best clothes to wear based on the company culture.
  2. Make a Strong Impression
    Your interview doesn’t just start when you begin talking to the hiring manager. You are being evaluated every step of the way. First, make sure you don’t arrive late. Plan to arrive early; you can always wait to go inside. If act rushed, they’ll notice. They will also make an impression based on how you interact with others in the office, including their front desk representative. Be kind and polite to everyone you encounter.
  3. Answer and Ask
    Interviews are a give and take. You will be asked a lot of questions, some about the job and some about your experience. Don’t give one-word answers, but don’t dwell on any one subject for too long. Learn the art of being thorough but concise. You also need to make sure you contribute to the conversation. Prepare ahead for the interview when you’re researching to develop a few smart questions of your own. For example, “What do you love most about working here?” This question will allow the hiring manager to tell you a bit more about themselves and insight into the company.
  4. Show Your Personality
    While the final decision may come down to which candidate has the right skills for the job, some intangible determiners also exist. Hiring managers want to hire someone they like and want to work with every day. If you don’t show your personality in the interview, you may not connect with them on a human level. It may also become a problem after you start the job because you’ll find your real personality doesn’t mesh with the current team.
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4 Steps to Have an Interview that Will Get You the Job
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