Importance of Having Proper Lighting in the Warehouse

Unlike HBO’s Game of Thrones, your warehouse should not be dark and full of terrors. Proper lighting is not only important for the safety of your team, but also their ability to work effectively and efficiently. If you’re considering an update to your warehouse facility, lighting should be at the top of your list. Here are some of the many reasons that proper lighting in your warehouse is essential.


Reduce Accidents

Proper lighting can go a long way to preventing accidents. Forklift drivers will be able to see clearly and will be less likely to hit objects, people or cause other accidents on your warehouse floor. Accident prevention is the number one goal of any warehouse, so lighting is a simple solution to ensure everyone is compliant and safe.

Reduce Errors

In dim light, mistakes reading a part number or other picking and packing errors are more likely to happen. By providing good lighting for your team, you tell them you want to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Improve Mood and Concentration

Are you familiar with SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder? Individuals who aren’t exposed to the right amount of sunlight, especially in the winter, can experience extreme depression which affects their ability to function. While warehouse lights can’t replace sunshine, a well-lit environment will encourage a better frame of mind.

Encourage Healthy Eyesight

Your parents probably told you not to read in the dark. It wasn’t good for your eyes as you were developing, and it’s still not good for your eyes. Promoting safety in the office isn’t just about preventing accidents, it’s also about preventing long-term health problems, including eyesight problems caused by working in low light.


Can you improve the lighting in your warehouse? Contact the team at FJC Personnel to learn more today.

Importance of Having Proper Lighting in the Warehouse
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