How Your Management Style Could Be Impacting Your Employee Retention

Your management style determines a lot of things about your workplace. It can affect the overall productivity of your employees and the culture in which your company thrives. But what happens if your management style is the cause of dissatisfaction among your team? Could your management style be impacting your employee retention rate? Before you make any drastic changes, take a look at these ideas to help you get back on track.

  • Know what employees want.

    Think back to when you started out in your career. You weren’t always a manager, so you can relate to the daily trials and tribulations of an employee with your company or a previous one. What did you want most as an employee? How did you want to be treated by your managers? Gaining a little empathetic perspective can go a long way to determine how your management style could be impacting your team.

  • Review what your competition offers.

    If your employees are dissatisfied, they will likely quit to move on to another organization. So check out what your competition has to offer that you don’t. What would make an employee leave your company for your competitors? You don’t have to copy their environment or culture verbatim, but you can look at what works and what isn’t working to help influence your company in a positive way.

  • Conduct exit interviews.

    If people do leave your company, are you finding out why? Conducting an exit interview will help you determine if there are parts of your management style that are negatively affecting employee retention within your company. Don’t do these interviews yourself, since that could be seen as aggressive for the exiting employee. Instead, ask a neutral third party to conduct them, so you get honest feedback.

  • Implement positive changes.

    Once you have collected the data regarding retention and employee satisfaction, work on creating positive change in the workplace. Look at ways you can provide more of what your employees really want, from more flexible schedules to less micromanagement and anything in between. Try to take into consideration what aspects of your management style are causing disruptions to employee happiness and focus on those first.

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How Your Management Style Could Be Impacting Your Employee Retention
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