For job seekers just out of school or for those who might be transitioning from one career type to another, resumes can seem impossible. How do you convey your interest in the job and your ability to handle the duties when you don’t have a lot of experience?

There is a lot of advice for resume writing online, and not all of it is perfect. Use the following five tips to build a resume without a ton of experience.

  • Create an Objective.

Step one is to effectively communicate what it is you’re looking to accomplish through the job search. Yes, if you ask many resume experts today they’ll say an objective is old fashioned, but that’s only true if they’re used in an ineffective way. You don’t even need to use the header, just write a paragraph that describes what you want to do and how you intend to do it.

  • Highlight Your Education.

If you’ve recently graduated from school, put emphasis on your experience there. If you’ve been to university, share details about your major and minor programs and how they apply to the specific industry. If you’ve gone to trade school, indicate the things you’ve learned there that will help you in a new job.

  • Focus on Transferable Skills.

If you’re transitioning to a new career, look at your past experience and determine what can be applicable to the new industry. For example, working in food service gives you ample customer service experience that can transition to a more traditional office job. Share examples of how you excelled with these skills.

  • Share Your Volunteering Experience.

Volunteering can be beneficial for several reasons. Not only is it good for both your mental and physical health, it can be a great resume builder for the future. If you’re creating a resume without a lot of job experience, volunteer work can be a great way to describe your experience.

  • Showcase Extracurricular Activity.

You may also want to share details about your extracurricular activities from school. If you belonged to any organizations that might help spread your message, be sure to include them. This may also be helpful for someone who hasn’t been to school in a while. While hobbies aren’t always included on resumes, if they happen to be relevant to the type of job you want, go ahead and include them.

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