How to Appeal to New College Graduates with Your Open Jobs

The class of 2020 is graduating with an unprecedented legacy. The final months of their last year of college were different than we’d seen before, and these new graduates will be in a unique position to find jobs out of school. As an employer, how can you appeal to these new graduates and hire them in your company? Consider how well they’ve handled adversity and what a great addition they will be to your staff. Here’s what you can do to hire the top college grads this year.  


Sell the Job Itself 

Hiring new college graduates needs to be about more than just matching their skills to a job. People just entering the workforce today are looking for a company and position that makes them feel good about working. So, talk to them about the added value your company can offer. Why would they want to work for you instead of your competition? Just like they need to sell themselves in an interview, you need to sell your company and environment.  


Focus on Corporate Culture 

Your company culture will make up a lot of this. What makes your environment unique? What do you offer that other employers can’t? For many recent college graduates, they are looking for a balance between their work and their personal lives. Are you able to offer work from home opportunities? A results-oriented workplace? Flexible schedules? A diverse workforce?  


Offer Career Development 

New graduates also want to know that a company is willing to invest in them long-term. They want access to career development. Providing your employees with a path to learn more and advance with your organization will keep them loyal and engaged. You may even want to consider crosstraining so, employees have a way to gain additional skills that are outside their focus but might interest them.  


Make Compensation a Benefit, Not the Feature 

Of course, we need to talk about money. You need to pay new employees fairly based on their skills and the average rate in your area. But if you focus too much on money and not on the additional benefits you can offer, including a positive culture and career growth, the money won’t be enough. So, make the compensation a part of the puzzle, not the entire thing. Pay fairly and offer bonuses and incentives where appropriate, but ensure that your company is somewhere new graduates want to work.  


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How to Appeal to New College Graduates with Your Open Jobs
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