Find New Employees You LOVE With These 3 Tips

Love is in the air in February. And not just romantic love spurred by the marketing monster that is Valentine’s Day, but also a general appreciation for those around us. Remember when we were little kids and we signed small Valentine cards for everyone in our class? It wasn’t about match-making, it was about appreciating everyone around us. You can have that same appreciation for the people who work with you when you hire the best employees in your market. So how can you find new employees you love? Here are three tips to get you started.


The Power of Three

In almost every culture around the world, three is an important number. It is representative of so many things and it’s just a good number to keep in mind. When you’re interviewing, make sure you interview at least three candidates, but no more than five.

Where this really comes into play is when you meet with the first candidate and immediately fall in love. You believe they are the best possible person for the role. But if you have nothing to compare them to, how do you know for sure? Bring in the other candidates who also check the boxes for your job requirements.

However, don’t fall into the trap of interviewing too many people either. Some hiring managers suggest they’ll know their candidate when they see them but are unable to describe exactly why. Create a checklist so you can take notes and compare apples to apples when the interviews are over.


Change up the Location

Throughout the process, you should have more than one meeting with your top candidate. Once you’re certain that someone is the right fit for the position, don’t make the offer right away. Invite them to coffee off-site to talk to them again. But do this quickly before you lose them to another offer.

Sometimes candidates put on a show for their formal interview to make the best impression. But if that’s not really them, they’ll lose the ability to keep up the facade quickly. Especially if they feel they are likely to get the job offer. You’ll be able to determine if they truly are the best candidate for your job.


Invite Others to the Party

You should also let others help with the hiring process. When you believe you have the right candidate after your initial interview and coffee meeting, set up a time for them to meet the rest of the team one-on-one.

This person will work very closely with the rest of your team, so you want to be sure that everyone in the office has the same warm feelings about them. Have two or three employees meet with them and take notes. Then have a meeting with your team and compare notes before making a final hiring decision.

Do you want to hire employees you love?

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Find New Employees You LOVE With These 3 Tips
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