There are a number of ways in which people can come to work with FJC Personnel LLC.  Below are descriptions of the different categories of staff that we hire.

Temporary / Contingent Worker:   This arrangement allows you the flexibility to balance the demands of family or school; a perfect opportunity to make a career transition and work in different types of businesses; an opportunity to gain new skills and work experience or just  work when you want.    These job assignments are usually shorter in term and fill the need of our clients to staff for vacations, seasonal demands, projects and business peaks.

Temporary-to-Hire (temp-to-hire): A great way to find your next full-time regular job!  The “temp-to-hire”  plan is considered a trial period for both you and the prospective employer.   It provides an opportunity for both parties to look at each other to see if they will be a fit for the long term.  If both you and the employer agree to move forward with a “temp-to-hire” agreement, we will negotiate a conversion time period with our customer to transition you to their payroll.

Direct Hire:  You submit your resume listing your “ideal” positions  and we work to match your career or job preference with just the right employer.  These direct hire positions are usually full-time regular positions with benefits where you would be hired directly onto the client-company payroll.   Basically, we are your liaison to your new employer.

Contract:  This assignment category offers those individuals with areas of expertise in an industry or with a special skill set an opportunity to command great wages along with flexibility.   Usually these positions are project oriented and have a specific beginning and ending time frame – they could last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.  Depending on the skill or expertise required by our customer, you could often earn 10 to 15 percent above market rate paid to a regular full-time employee.

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