employers-332x500Hiring new employees can be an arduous task at best. The process of creating the job announcement, finding sources to place the employer ad, time spent collecting and reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, new paperwork and training new employees is not only time consuming but incredibly expensive to an employer. At FJC Personnel, LLC we handle the screening process so that you can focus on your business. In the end we place the perfect candidate to fill your job vacancy allowing you to save time and money.

Our Employer Goal

FJC’s goal is to provide employers with employees who can help your business right away. Because we’re local, your company will have a single point of contact, an experienced human resources professional who is committed to meeting your needs as quickly as possible with service customized to your business.

Before we go to work for you, we listen to you. As the employer, you tell us about your needs, temporary or permanent. Our familiarity with the local work force helps us find the person with the best skills to match your job requirements. The result is that you have a productive employee contributing to the successful operation of your company in the most expeditious amount of time possible.

FJC Personnel, LLC is right here, right now, with the connections you need. That’s the difference local makes.