Do’s and Don’ts of Leveraging Social Media for Recruiting

Social media has really changed the way we communicate with others. That’s true for finding and hiring top talent for your company. Everyone is on social media, so you can tap into the resource to find great people looking for new positions. But there are some gray areas when it comes to leveraging social media for recruiting. How do you know what to do and what to avoid? Here are the do’s and don’ts of using social media for your next hiring decision.


Do: Have an Established Social Media Presence

The most important thing about using social media for targeting new talent is consistency. You can’t just show up on Twitter and expect anyone to respond to you. People like to trust the companies they interact with, so you need to establish your presence and post quality and helpful content regularly.

Don’t: Base Your Hiring Decision Entirely on Social Media

You may be tempted to use social media as the sole determiner of whether to bring someone into your office. Resist this temptation. Social media is often a surface-level snapshot of a person. Especially for public accounts, like Twitter, they may not express all their thoughts and ideas there. Looking on Facebook can cause problems when you use personal information to make your decision.

Do: Understand the Context of Social Media

It’s also important to recognize that social media is an imperfect communication tool. Not everyone is putting their full, authentic self out to the universe on public forums. Take time to discern how people use social media and what they are or are not saying on these platforms.

Don’t: Use the Information in an Illegal Way

Finally, it’s essential you’re not using information you find on social media to make any illegal hiring decisions. The employment laws, both federal and local, are often pretty difficult to understand, but any information you use should not violate them. This means basing your hiring decisions upon the discovery of racial, religious or family-based information is a potential problem.


How are you using social media for hiring? Talk to the recruiting specialists at FJC Personnel to learn.


Do’s and Don’ts of Leveraging Social Media for Recruiting
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