Don’t Match the Job Requirements Perfectly? Apply Anyway!

Have you ever read a job description and thought you would love the job, but you don’t match all the requirements perfectly? What should you do? Some people might scroll past and keep looking, but that isn’t always the best option. Even if your resume doesn’t match exactly, there are plenty of reasons to apply anyway. Here’s why.   

The Job Description Dream   

Do you have a dream job? Just like you, employers have dream candidates. So a job description is frequently written with this dream candidate in mind. They know that not everyone will check every single box. If you see that you are missing a few things, don’t discount the job. Send your resume and include a cover letter to describe your interest and potential.   

Most Important Qualifications  

When reading the description, try to drill down to the most essential qualification. For example, if you see the job requires very specific software that you don’t have, look at what that software does. Have you done that before in a different way? Good. Now let them know about your experience along with your aptitude to learn.   

Make Connections  

Hiring managers aren’t always looking at every resume, but sometimes they do. They may see a resume they think is a good fit for another position. If that’s the case, you want to make sure your resume is one that’s considered. However, don’t take this too far and apply when you’re not at all qualified. But if you have a lot of the skills they look for, they may still talk with you.   

Recruiters Can Help   

You don’t have to do this alone. Working with an agency can get you in front of more potential employers who can see your skills differently. Recruiters often see jobs before they’re advertised and have a chance to submit candidates. They will submit only the best people for the job, and they know how to sell your skills to the hiring manager. It’s in the recruiter’s best interest to only send people they think will be a good fit since they don’t make money until someone is hired.   

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Don’t Match the Job Requirements Perfectly? Apply Anyway!
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