Confronting Your Employees About Less Than Status Quo Work Ethic

Not every conversation you have as a manager is going to be pleasant and positive. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and have that difficult conversation with an employee who isn’t living up to expectations. If a team member is performing with less than status quo work ethic, what can you say and how can you approach the subject to positively change their path.   


Plan Out the Conversation Ahead of Time  

When you need to talk to an employee about their work ethic, don’t start the conversation at the moment or when emotions might be running high. Consider how you want to approach them and plan out the conversation ahead of time. Someone with a poor work ethic may be a master at coming up with just the right socially acceptable excuses, so you need to be prepared to see through any sweet talk or lies.   


Be Direct and Specific  

The most important thing you can do when confronting someone about their lack of work ethic is to be direct and specific. Many of us choose to communicate in a way that we think is delicately delivering bad news, but that doesn’t accomplish the task and people often hear what they want. Be specific about what it is they’re doing and direct about the consequences.   


Consider Your Language  

In this conversation, you also want to use language that illustrates what a positive outcome would look like to you. This is also the conversation where you enforce discipline. You want to be very clear about how this issue will be resolved and the resolution you want to see happen through improvement on their part. Though as you’re direct, you also need to be supportive to provide the tools to help them succeed.   


Provide Solutions  

An employee with a less than stellar work ethic is probably a master at only doing just enough to get by. They may not be willing to listen to other solutions or make improvements. But you need to provide the best avenues for them to do what you’ve asked so they can’t tell you that it’s impossible. Give them whatever tools they need. If they’re unable to succeed with these changes, it may be time to make another decision.   


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Confronting Your Employees About Less Than Status Quo Work Ethic
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