What is the Secret for People Always Getting Job Offers?

It’s hard not to feel jealous sometimes. You talk to people who can simply apply for their dream job and immediately get an offer, but you’re still sending in your resume to post after post. What makes them any different from you? Some people just seem to have better luck or an easier time landing their next job. But what’s their secret, and how can you mimic what they do to get a job offer faster? Here are a few tips.

Bypass the Application Process

It may sound like exactly the opposite thing you should do, but it can work. Many people are afraid to try this route because they don’t want to be seen as rebels who break the rules, but it can work out in your favor. Some candidates will target companies even without a specific available job to market themselves as a good, potential employee. Other candidates will dive into their network after seeing a post and reach out to someone directly to inquire about it. This can work if done with finesse and professionalism.

Have the Confidence That You’re in Control

Similarly, many job seekers believe that the company holds all the cards. You’re at their mercy when it comes to making the decision. But confident candidates know they are in control. Every job opening is a problem that needs to be solved. Position yourself as the solution. Know that you hold the keys to their success and be confident about how you can fit into their organization.

Accept the Right Job, Not Just Any job

Feeling desperate can lead to applying for open positions even when you know they’re not going to be a good fit. When the company turns out to be a bad fit for your career, it can set you back even further as you scramble to find another position. Confident candidates will only consider positions with companies who will be a good fit personally and professionally.

Be Willing to Negotiate

It is completely okay to negotiate for your salary or benefits. You don’t have to accept what is being offered just because you think the company makes the rules. Know what you’re worth and come up with the salary you are willing to accept, as well as your “walk away” number. If a company isn’t willing to pay you what you’re worth, it may be indicative of other problems that will reveal themselves after you accept the job.

Working with a staffing agency can also help you find your next role. Call FJC Personnel to see how we can help today.

What is the Secret for People Always Getting Job Offers?
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