Your interview is your chance to make the best face-to-face impression. You’ve already given the hiring manager a snapshot of your background and experience with your resume, but now you need to impress them with your personality, communication and personal interaction skills. Have you thought much about your body language? Here are some ways to make sure your body language is making the right impression when you meet with the hiring manager.

  1. Maintain appropriate eye contact.

    Eye contact is essential for interpersonal communication. It’s how we gain understanding, and how we gauge honesty and trustworthiness. However, eye contact can be challenging for some people, so it’s important to know how to use it and in what context. Don’t stare but be sure to make eye contact when you make important points or when you’re listening.

  2. Be relaxed, but not too relaxed.

    You want to be relaxed and not stiff, but you don’t want to be overly relaxed and familiar. An interview should strike a balance. Don’t encroach on the interviewer’s personal space. Try not to cross your arms. A good strategy is to mirror the interviewer’s movements. Do this naturally, so it’s isn’t obvious. Lean forward when they do to show you’re engaged.

  3. Project confidence.

    Look up, be confident, and be comfortable. You don’t want to express arrogance, but you want the potential employer to see you’re confident about your skills and experience. You can improve your confidence ahead of the interview by standing in a power pose, as we described in this September blog post.

  4. Practice good posture.

    Your teachers were right, it is important to stand up or sit up straight. Keeping your spine straight and avoiding a slouch will send the message you’re confident and you want to engage with others. Posture is a big part of how we judge each other’s body language, so pay special attention to how you’re sitting or standing.

  5. Focus on that handshake.

    Finally, practice your firm handshake ahead of your interview. It can be difficult to avoid sweaty palms when you’re nervous, but do what you can to make yourself feel at ease in public spaces. Don’t allow your hand be the dead fish grip that everyone dreads. Grasp firmly, but don’t squeeze too hard, and know when to let go. Work with a trusted friend to make sure you have the right technique.

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