They say one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. That’s true when it comes to your employees as well. One unhappy employee can negatively influence the attitude and behavior of your entire workplace and, ultimately, impact your bottom line. What happens when this employee negativity begins to cost your business money? How can you make positive improvements to employee morale to retain top talent and your company integrity? It may be easier than you think.

  1. Focus on staying, not going.

    Many companies perform exit interviews for employees leaving their organization. But few companies turn this paradigm around and conduct stay interviews. When information about employee unhappiness comes too little too late, it can be difficult to make the right adjustments to save other dissatisfied team members in the short term. Spend time getting a read on your employees’ overall satisfaction on the job. Allow them to have open and honest communication. Then, most importantly, use this information to make improvements.

  2. Provide rewards and incentives.

    One of the biggest factors causing unhappiness on the job is a lack of recognition. Even just saying “thank you” regularly can help an environment stay more positive. If your team is more positive, work is more accurate, productivity stays up, and customers are happy. This is a win-win for everyone, including your business. Go beyond building a culture of gratitude. Provide means to demonstrate to your team that you appreciate their contribution through incentives, rewards and bonuses.

  3. Have an open-door policy.

    Lots of companies say these words, but don’t always enforce them day to day. Employees like to work for managers who make them feel comfortable, secure and heard. Provide the ability for your team members to approach you when they have feedback and concerns. You can use this information to make improvements that won’t just improve morale, but will positively influence your bottom line.

  4. Maintain flexibility and work/life balance.

    So many companies have been stuck in the rut of expecting excessive hours and full dedication to employers. But the days of the “company man” may be over. Work/life balance has become far more important to many employees, and if you’re not willing to provide it, they will find another place to work. While you may think it will cost you more money to be flexible, a results-oriented business approach is more likely to improve productivity and profitability overall.


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