You are not going to get along with everyone in your workplace. No matter how hard you try, there will be cases where your personality is just at conflict with someone else’s. So what do you do about it? It may be easier to ignore them or undermine them, but for a positive working relationship there may be better options. If you have difficult co-workers you need to get along with to succeed in your job, here are five tips to help you cope and even improve the situation.

  1. Let go of unrealistic expectations.

    The first step is to drop your expectations. You may hold quite a few of them. For instance, you think they’ll like you if they only knew how great you are. Or you might think they’re being unnecessarily obtuse or trying to make you angry. Chances are, none of these are true.

  2. Find a way to get along.

    Even though you may not be best friends, there might be some things you have in common. Work to find that common ground so when you do have to spend time together, it can at least be cordial. Maybe you have a favorite musician or television show in common. Or maybe you can just talk about the job or the city where you live.

  3. Avoid the rumor mill.

    No matter how much you dislike another person at your company, resist the urge to contribute to office gossip or spread rumors about them. Even if what you’re saying is true, it may not be productive. Simply walk away from discussions that may turn into a negative rap session about your disliked co-worker.

  4. Avoid people or conflict.

    If you simply can’t be in the same room with your office nemesis, you may need to practice avoidance. Simply do what you can to avoid being in the same space alone with them. Or, if you are, try not to allow yourself to get pulled into a battle of wills or an argument. Just do your job and move on.

  5. Be kind to your co-workers.

    No matter how you feel about your co-workers, always practice kindness. You may not be able to change someone’s attitude toward you, but you can change your attitude towards others. All you can control is your own reactions. So err on the side of kindness in all cases and you may find things aren’t as bad as they seem.

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