5 Safety Interview Question to Ask Your Candidates

When you’re conducting interviews, you usually have a list of questions to ask. Do they know the job? Have they worked with the systems before? How will they handle difficult situations? And all these questions are important; however, are interviewers missing one key piece of information before making a hiring decision? If the job description involves any level of safety protocol, you should be asking your candidates about their previous safety experience. This is most common with manufacturing, general labor, warehouse and scientific positions. Here are five safety interview questions you can ask your candidates to determine if they are the best fit for your open position.

  1. How do you communicate about safety to managers and coworkers?

    When it comes to safety, communication is king. When interviewing candidates for positions where safety is paramount, you’ll want to see how willing they are to talk about it on the job. They should be able to give you concrete examples of ways they’ve communicated about safety in the past.

  2. Tell me how you resolved a safety issue in your last position.

    Specifically, you want to know what they’ve done to prevent problems or resolve an issue in the past. They must be able to provide examples. If they freeze or can’t think of an example, that could be a red flag. Behavioral questions like this are designed to see how candidates think on their feet, which will be essential on the job when it comes to safety.

  3. What are your biggest safety concerns in the workplace?

    Different people will have different ideas about safety concerns. And everyone’s answers, regardless of whether they are the final candidate, can become food for thought for your own business.

  4. How can you make safety a priority in this role?

    You also want to get a better understanding from candidates of how they plan to make safety a priority in their job. This is essential to any position, but especially positions where they may be making safety decisions or working in departments where safety is a top concern. This question is designed to see how they’ll answer when put on the spot.

  5. What special techniques have you implemented in the past?

    At the same time, and with similar results, you can ask about ways they’ve made safety a priority in their past positions. This will give you some real-life examples of their dedication to safety and what they’ve done to get results. Again, even if they aren’t your final selection for the position, you’ll hear a lot of great ideas along the way.

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5 Safety Interview Question to Ask Your Candidates
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