4 Ways to Get People to Take HR More Seriously

Human resources plays a vital role in the health of any company. Even small companies that don’t believe they need dedicated HR departments can benefit from experts who have strong HR knowledge. But even in companies where HR managers do play an important role, they may not be taken seriously by employees. They may be looked at as gatekeepers of policy and fringe benefits. In order to get the respect you need in your HR role, you may need to make some important changes to the way you interact with the rest of the company. Here are ways you can get your team to take HR more seriously.


Provide Solutions

Often, companies see HR as the enforcers, not as a solutions provider. But solutions are the entire focus of HR. For example, you may be experiencing pressure from a hiring manager to recruit faster for an open position.

Instead of becoming frustrated with them, lay out the options. Let them know you only have their best interests in mind to hire the right candidate, rather than just any candidate. Your goal is to find someone who will be a long-term fit for the role, not just a fast fill. Sometimes it’s all about communication.


Make Employee Satisfaction a Priority

Part of your job is also a liaison between the average employee and the entity that is the entire company. To do this, you need to keep your employees engaged and excited about working with the organization. Do this by creating programs that keep overall happiness in mind, both in the office and beyond.

For example, many U.S. workers don’t take their allotted vacation time. They may fear they can be replaced or that there will be retaliation when they return. Create an environment that encourages everyone, from the top down, to use their vacation days to come back to work refreshed.


Work With All Departments

HR should also be connected with everyone throughout the business. From accounting to executives, you need to have a good working relationship with everyone. Take time to get to know people on a personal level, as well as professionally.

The better you know someone, the more you’re able to make determinations about what keeps them motivated on the job. That can help with both solving problems and employee satisfaction.


Be a Good Example

As an HR professional, you also need to act as a good example for your entire team. You are the face of the business to anyone who works with the company. You are who they will be coming to with problems, concerns and suggestions. You need to maintain your composure and be a good example for the staff.

To do this, you also need to pay attention to your productivity, engagement and satisfaction. If you’re not taking the right time off from the job or you get easily frustrated when someone comes to you with a problem, you’re not setting a positive example. Do you want to improve your HR department? Talk to the HR specialists at FJC Personnel to learn more.

4 Ways to Get People to Take HR More Seriously
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