A short-term employee is a great way to handle a variety of situations in your office. You can ensure essential work for your project is completed on time, have coverage when a trusted employee is out of the office, or just have an extra pair of hands when needed. But what could you be missing when you bring a temp on your staff?

There are a few mistakes companies make, but they’re entirely preventable. Here are the top three mistakes to avoid.


Don’t Ensure They’re Properly Vetted

So, what does vetting mean when it comes to temporary employees? How do you prescreen and qualify your permanent staff? There is no reason not to go through a screening process with short term employees just to expedite the process.

By testing their skills, you should be sure the short-term employee can accomplish the tasks you need them to perform. You may also want to do a background check or drug screen based on your company’s permanent employee policies. If you do decide to go this route, be sure you’re consistent with every temp, or you run the risk of being non-compliant with current employment laws.

You should still do an interview with each candidate you’re considering. There may be things that look great on paper for each of your top three or five, but skipping the face-to-face interaction means you might miss some important details about working together.


Decide to Try It Alone

All of this, and so much more, can be mitigated by partnering with a staffing agency to help you throughout the process. Your recruiter will already have processes in place to qualify and prescreen potential applicants before submitting their resume for your review.

Hiring short-term employees on your own can also present an unnecessary challenge when it comes to payroll and employment law. The truth is, with a short-term employee, there are some needs for compliance your permanent staff won’t have.

Working with a staffing agency will give you the access you need to talented individuals for the duration of your project. Your recruiter will be responsible for the pre-employment screening process, as well as the employee’s payroll process throughout their assignment. If there are challenges along the way, you can consult with your recruiter to solve the problem effectively.


Not Making Them Feel Valued

Finally, one of the biggest challenges many short-term employees cite when they talk about their experience is a lack of trust from their employers. Even though they are only going to be on your team for a short period of time, it’s essential you give them the trust and freedom they need to complete their job.

Communicate regularly both with your temporary workers and their recruiters. Make sure they have the right equipment and work space to accomplish their tasks. Include them in recognition and even fun events your permanent employees engage in when they work with you.

But, you should also set your expectations right away to help everyone understand how they project is expected to go and what their role is with the process.


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